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April 30, 2021 From DONK

What is Donkey?


Donkey is a 100% decentralized meme token with a purpose!

This community experiment was found by 3 anonymous visionaries on March 23, 2021.


Technical Background


Donkey is an ERC-20 token running on Ethereum mainnet.


The Contract is available to review on Etherscan.


The Contract is written in Solidity 0.5.


Donkey’s max total supply is 10,000,000.


Why support donkey?


One-of-a-kind meme token built around a decentralized ecosystem. 


A unique product mix that offers multiple revenue streams.


No pre-allocated coins for team or founders. 100% decentralized initial offering on Uniswap. 


What’s the hype?


Donkey has burned 25% of its supply via Vitalik Buterin.


Donkey will double your Donk if you hold it till May 21, 2021.


Donkey is constantly engaging and growing its community through frequent giveaways.


Donkey is creating a community program that integrates a retail market for your NFTs.


Donkey will release a socially charged interactive news medium for crypto enthusiasts.

Donkey is developing a digital arcade for the $DONK holders. 


Project Scope


Make Money! Make Money! Make Money! AND Make Some More Money!


Project (short-term)


This community experiment was found by three visionaries who share the same passion for crypto just like you. These qualified minds have put their resources along to start something extraordinary and share it with the world.


Introducing our revolutionary idea for bridging an NFT market with retail merchandising. Adding value to your commodities and allowing the participants to generate multiple revenue streams. 


We are constantly engaging a community that can propel $DONK to new heights.


We are building a technical write-up for integrating a retail outlet and its functionality for the NFT Submissions. 


We are building a forum for the community to introduce their NFTs through our portal for added value and demand.

We are sourcing a gaming platform for our $DONK users to play, bet and win for premium entertainment.

We are rigorously working to make our presence more public. You can find us now on:











Project (mid-term)


Generate a live forum for the decentralized community members to vote for NFTs listings. 


Allowing NFT artist to upload their collectibles under Donkey’s umbrella on 


Allowing NFT artist to produce one of a kind limited edition merchandise which can be bought using fiat and $DONK tokens on Donkey platform. Allowing artist to generate extra income in $DONK tokens.

Sourcing a  gaming platform  for our digital arcade where users can play, bet and claim their winnings in $DONK.

Project (long-term) 


Creating a live market for $DONK users to promote their NFTs and create demand for their offerings. 


Providing a framework for the Donkey News channel and its operational capacity. 


Launching a BSC booster token for inter-functional purposes within the project donkey’s ecosystem.  

Launching a mobile application for the gaming platform.

Product Mix 



Allowing our users to use Donkey as their hub for trading their NFTs. 


Donkey will host users submissions on 


Applicable users can bilaterally create merchandise through their NFTs and share profits with Donkey.




Creating a unique lifestyle brand that carries limited supply merchandise with the option to purchase with $DONK tokens via Metamask. 


Adding dual value for a higher demand of your NFTs. 


Users can monetize their NFTs and create community support behind their products.  




Proposing a socially charged interactive news medium.


A community news channel with interactive features. 


Building a BSC framework to support lower cost and adaptive usability. $DONK users will be able to redeem $BDONK when token is launched.


Developing a platform where $DONK users can utilize their $DONK tokens to play, bet and claim winnings via metamask.

Games like Poker, Blackjack, and Roll the Dice and many more to come.

A mobile app version will be available soon where users can play with ease using $DONK tokens.

Tokenmetrics comparison 




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