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This token migration message is for the OG $DONK holders . A rare opportunity to take advantage of this special offer for our die hard $DONK fam .

To be eligible for this swap, you must return your old $DONK on ETH (Contract Address: 0xE4F6D46C244Bb7Cf3e218CDFB5C35cf9a4d9c920) token to DONKEY Deployer address 0x52F897AFd0e41Db5A443d87D087C8B094EDFd205 bofore 30th of December to receive your new $DONK on BSC ( Contract Address: 0x8f9f2C61730932C99fae229a7265851AAaf9d59e) BSCDONK : ETHDONK  1:5 ratio. 

If you have any questions about this swap DM the Dev on Telegram @projectdonkey

The distribution will take place with the airdrop date (30 January 2024). 


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