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Explore the treasures of  DONK


NFT Artist Competition

We invite you to be a part of our exciting NFT competition. 

Submit your NFTs and make it a part of our opensea catalogue. 

Participants can upload their image, video or 3D model on 

Participants and the community can vote online. 

The winner will receive:

  • Their NFT sponsored on the Donkey channel at opensea.

  • Earn 25% from the sale of the NFT.

  • Win 2000 $DONK each (2 winners max).

  • Competition ends January 30, 2023.

Just to make this a little more interesting 
the devs will pick a winner to participate in our shop launch inventory and they will win 2000 $DONK and 25% sale profit of merchandise. 

Rules : 

  • Participants must follow Donkey on Twitter and Telegram.

  • Must be original illustrations and content.

  • Must be able to provide original files for   merchandise winner.

  • Submit any type of art in image or video   format.

  • Provide a description for your NFT.

Art Form

To enter competition, please take the time to fill out the information below.

  • twitter_PNG95259_edited_edited
  • telegram-logo-png-transparent

Life With DONK

Explore the NFTs from our competition winners

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