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Liquidity Incentive

Make your digital currency stronger by providing liquidity on Uniswap, decreasing costs/ slippage as well as establishing long term value for our $DONK holders and ecosystem. 


In addition to earning 0.3% trading fees via Uniswap, LPs can farm $CDONK, $DONK & other tokens (as per program). Win bonus prizes and lottery tickets for our BSC chain token private sales. 


The APY % on your investment depends on the program you enter. 


You have to notify the dev to be eligible for any programs. 

Incase there is no formal entry your portion of the extract will not be distributed to the pool. 


  • Please bear in mind that Donkey has no control over transactions, lost funds, or impermanent loss on Uniswap.

  • Daily ROI is constantly changing as more people participate and new liquidity is added.

  • The individual tokens you eventually withdraw from the pool can consist of a larger share of ETH than Donkey or vice versa.

  • We reserve the right to cancel or modify any campaign at any time.

Add your Liquidity via :

We recommend you read this article if you’ve never participated in LP programs before.


~Pink Elephant~ 

LP rewards program -Too good to be true- 


Rewards are dispersed every 14 days starting from 19th October onwards. 


Farm $CDONK on a 200% APY. The % yield rate will retire in 3 months No limit on exit, you may withdraw your tokens at any time and you will receive your $CDONK in proportion of the 14 day cycle. 


*DM Developer to Claim


~Mr KONG~ 

LP rewards program -Strong like Kong- 

This is a limited time offer.

Expires : Last date to enter is 25th of November



Rewards will be  dispersed in 30 days on 10th of December 2021 


Farm $CDONK on a 329% APY. 

The % yield will retire in 1 month

No limit on exit, you may withdraw your tokens at any time and you will receive your $CDONK in proportion of the 30 day cycle. 


*DM Developer to Claim

May 15, 2021 From DONK

Liquidity Provider incentive programme


To remain true to our purpose of providing you a decentralize experience. Our liquidity is open for all. We welcome you to participate and enjoy many incentives that come along with it. The only person who can pull the rug is yourself. 


LP Token Holder 

LP Token Holders grow their investments exponentially as per the growth of coin. For example if you provided liquidity at the beginning of this project with $1000, that translates into $40,000 at current market value. The possibilities are endless 


No Rug pulling 

To sustain and grow this project as a decentralized operation. We are never locking the doors for any one who wants ownership stakes in this project. 



Now time for the real surprise! As per our promise and for the vitality of this project, we are introducing our Booster token on BSC chain called  $CDONK Only 20,000,000 coins made. 


Rewards program 

Liquidity providers will be rewarded in $CDONK on a APY of 200%. Payments are dispersed every 14 days as of 12th May 2021. APY rate is subject to change after 3 months as per market value. 


We appreciate your engagement and support. We are only as strong as the people of this community want to be. 


Stay tuned for  more updates on Club Donkey $CDONK






Club donkey



Club donkey



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